If you own a domain name, most likely you’ve received a questionable invoice to renew your domain. Unfortunately, many people do not look closely at the fine print to notice that it’s just an advertisement. They pay the invoice and suddenly are trapped into a whirlwind of confusion. Many times by paying these invoices it allows these companies to gain control of your domain. Definitely not what you want to be dealing with at all.

We wanted to shed some light on things to look out for so this does not happen to you! Also, please know that 1st Source Web would never send an invoice to any customer without our company name on it.

Is the invoice fake or real?

  • FAKE: No phone number is listed

  • FAKE: Very small fine print says “This is not a bill” or “This is a solicitation”

  • FAKE: Renewal date is not matching your records

  • REAL: Anything with a 1st Source Web logo and contact info on it

Be aware of these companies

  • Domain Listings (based in Las Vegas)

  • Mainstreet Web Pros (based in Delaware)

  • Internet Domain Name Services (based in New Jersey)

  • United States Domain Authority (based in North Carolina)

If you are still unsure, just give us a call and we can help you figure out if it’s a real invoice or a fake. And we can guide you on the steps to take if you have lost control of your domain name.