That’s right…. flash is ending, but don’t worry it’s a good thing.

Adobe made the announcement back in 2012 and then again in July of 2017 (read their announcement here) about flash being completely eliminated or supported by end of 2020. Many websites have already made the transition away from flash, but there are defintely many that are not even aware of the downsides to using flash in this modern day.

Steve Jobs already had killed it on iphones and ipads in 2012 and on his famous blog post he explained the 6 main reasons why he chose not to support it.

  1. Adobe Flash is proprietary.
  2. Newer video formats are much more readily available.
  3. Flash has major insecurities and just doesn’t do the job well.
  4. Flash kills battery life.
  5. Flash is not supported by touch screens.
  6. Apple did not want their own developers writing apps for flash instead of their own apple apps.

Regardless of the downsides, flash is ENDING. That’s literally the only downside that is important to know about now in the start of 2019. We are urging any of our clients to get started on correcting this once and for all. For some this maybe a simple quick fix, depending on how your website is built. But majority of the sites will likely need to be rebuilt using the latest technology. Here at 1st Source Web, we strictly work with WordPress to build each and every website because of its many amazing features.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Flash Is Dead Completely

First and foremost, if your website shows flash on it then it says to your viewer, “This company is outdated” which in turn may translate into “This company doesn’t care about their brand.” which then could also read as the dreadful message of  “This company doesn’t care about their clients”.  Just as you would look your best for a job interview, your website should do the same. First impressions mean everything in this day and age, and always have since the beginning of time.

But I Can Still Wait A Little Longer, Right?


You might also be thinking,  “Oh, I have plenty of time to deal with that later. The end of 2020 is a long time from now.”  Well guess what, I guarantee that will creep up and then suddenly you will see a huge glaring error message plastered on your website because FLASH IS DEAD. And then you have a problem with lost content. You will no longer be able to access that information, if it is important information then this is not a situation you will want to be placed in.

By the way, if you have flash on your site right now…before it is completely dead you are required to “click to play”. Meaning it shows a big black blank space where your flash feature lives and asks your viewer to click on it to view it. Not cool…..not cool at all. If it were me, I would have clicked off that site before it even finished loading.

And in August 2019, Firefox will be no longer support flash, jumping ahead of the game. Smart move, Firefox!

You Love Your Flashy Website And You’re Worried Your New Website Won’t Be As Cool, Right?

Sure, you probably spent a bunch of time working with a designer to create it too. We totally get it. But not to worry, there are tons of amazing features in store for you that will knock your socks off. Trust us, and let our team take the wheel.

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