In this digital age, often your website is a customers first impression of your business. You want to make sure that you make a good first impression with a great website. Here are some trends and tips to make an awesome website.

1. Responsive design

This has come to be the basic requirement of modern websites especially because of the amount of mobile devices that exist.

2. User-friendly

A user-friendly simple website is not only based off design, but also functionality. Design elements include: easy to read text and visually appealing images. One design that is trending for homepage design is large images that fit the entire width of the screen.  Another aspect is page load speed and easy navigation. Optimizing your site for fastest page speed time is the best way to ensure that visitors stay engaged on your page.

3. Simple and Clean

Simple pages with clean solid color space are becoming more attractive and also easier to design.

4. Movement

Websites that have movement make the content being displayed even more exciting and appealing to visitors. Animation of the text, flip boxes, and slider images all create movement on the oage and gives users more to explore and look at.

5. Video background

Websites that showcase videos in the background of the content feature a cool alternative to a simple static photo or other visual.