Having a CTA – Call To Action- button is one of the most important aspects of a good website. It’s important to keep your visitors engaged and to give them an opportunity to take a desired action. The CTA should be recognizable as a button and strategically placed to be easy to navigate to. Colors, size and text size are all elements that can affect readability.

Here is an example of a button call to action:

Below are some tips for improving your CTA buttons.

  • TEXT: The CTA button should display the proper text and be placed in the correct place to be utilized best. The text of your CTA button should be clear and concise. It should either create a certain sense of urgency or provide information of importance. By making the text action-oriented you can encourage visitors to take action.

  • COLOR: The best colors to use for your button depend on the overall design of your website but they should be contrasting with the surrounding colors in order to stand out. Using bright colors can help the buttons to be more noticeable, but the most important thing is to create a contrast between the button and the rest of the page.

You can test the functionality of your CTA buttons by comparing the website analytics and traffic sources to view how many visitors are utilizing them.