With over 800 million accounts worldwide, Instagram is hands down one of the most used social media accounts. This platform is a great way to reach millions of people, with over 80 percent of users following business accounts. Read on to find out how to create a business profile and how to make the most out of your account.Creating Your Business Profile

Creating Your Business Account

Making an Instagram business profile is an available option for all users and is completely free. All you have to do is:

  1. Click on the button on the top right corner of your profile.
  2. Select Switch to Business Profile toward the bottom of the screen under Account settings.
  3. Then you will Set Up Your Business Profile by adding contact information for your business.
  4. All done!

Creating a business account takes minutes and will provide you with usable features to optimize your account for business.

Business Features

Business accounts give customers an opportunity to connect with you by providing contact buttons directly on your profile. Users are given the options to “Call, Email, or get Directions” to your business depending on the contact information that you provide. With a business account you also get access to Instagram Insights, which gives information about your followers and posts. Insights provides analytics about each of your posts and stories to help understand how your followers are engaging with your account. Here is a breakdown of the insights and what they mean:

Account Insights

Website Clicks- If you provide your website address, this is the amount of times users clicked through from your profile.

Impressions- This number displayed is the total amount of times your posts were viewed.

Reach- This is the number of accounts that viewed your posts.

The difference? Although they are similar, if you have more impressions than reach that means that users viewed your posts/stories multiple times.


You can view how many likes and comments you’ve received on each post. You can also view how many users “saved” your post which can be beneficial because you can better understand what your customers find useful.


You can see what actions were taken by users such as how many people visited your profile, clicked on your website link, or followed your account.


When you post on your Instagram “story” viewers can see your post for 24 hours. You can see insights from your story such as how many times your story was viewed ” Impressions”, how many users viewed it “Reach”,