If you have a business, you should include your online presence as a valuable investment in your budget.

  1. Available 24/7

    While your business location might have set hours, having a website means that current and prospective customers will always have a way to contact you and get info about your service or product. Providing a helpful website will give visitors the info they need so you can focus on your business.

  2. Keep up with the competition

    According to a small business survey of the U.S. 71% of businesses have a website and 92% are predicted to have one by the end of this year. If people are searching online for a certain product, service or industry then you risk the possibility of losing business if you are not in those search results. And if you have an awesome and user-friendly website than your business will stand out amongst competitors because that is the customer’s first impression of your business.

  3. Increasing brand awareness

    When you have a website that can provide detailed information about your brand and values with appealing visuals, then visitors will be able to relate to you more and this builds a relationship with this prospective customer. The more that potential customers know about your business, the more they will be inclined to reach out.

  4. Get Feedback

    You can utilize your website as a marketing tool by gaining insights from customers through surveys, questionnaires, and by building an email list. This way you can gain information from your customers about your product/service and utilize this to better run your business.

  5. Hiring a full-time employee

    Having a website is like hiring another employee who provides customer service and sales assistance. If your business sells a product you can create an e-commerce site for customers to be able to purchase products and services online. You can provide a reviews and testimonial section for clients to help customers make a purchase decision.