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How To Set Up E-mail on an iphone

How To Set Up E-mail on an iphone

iphone_emailRemember the day when computers were a luxury item and we still used landlines and long distance calling to connect with others? It seems technology has moved quite fast since then with the ever-so important need to check e-mail now not just on your computer but on your phone.

We have come a long way but isn’t it so much more convenient? Most people that use iphones now feel as though they would be lost without them. Just make sure to turn your phone off every so often (even for 10 minutes at a time) to take a walk or do something without relying on technology to completely run your day to day life activities.

Our e-mail setup tutorial will walk you through how to use your e-mail address to send/receive emails on your iphone.

Watch the Video Tutorial on how to setup your iphone with e-mail:

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