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Get Your Project Organized

Get Your Project Organized

get_organizedA new year comes with exciting new things over here at 1st Source Web. One of those exciting new things involves mass re-organization in few different aspects of our company. I personally have an obsession with ‘organizing’ from my shoes in my closet to my paperclips in my desk drawer. When something is organized it provides clarity, motivation and confidence.

The first and most beneficial re-organization aspect is geared towards overall PROJECT ORGANIZATION. Coming very soon, each client with a current project in the works will be provided a detailed array of checklists, questionnaires, etc. depending on their specific needs.

Our number one goal is to make our clients happy by providing a website and marketing plan that will provide the best ROI. We want to make this process very easy and seamless for each client.

Each item below will be posted also on our website soon so please check back again. If you would like more information on anything we may have missed please let us know. We would be happy to create it for you. Coming soon are a number of organizational forms such as:

    • Design Checklists: What clients should provide for their design
    • Comprehensive Web Design Checklist
    • Logo Design Checklist
    • Project Planning Checklist
    • The Ultimate Website Launch Checklist
    • Bloggers Checklist
    • Instructional Content Management System Tips
    • Website Standards Checklist
    • Typography Checklist
    • Navigational Checklist
    • Content Quality Checklist
    • Ultimate Usability Checklist
    • Standard SEO Checklist
    • Advanced SEO Checklist
    • Viral Marketing Campaign Checklist
    • Improving Conversion Rate Checklist
    • Business Startup Checklist: For the newbies
    • WordPress Blog Maintenance Checklist
      Alison has close to 10 years of experience working directly with clients to fine tune design details and achieve perfection. Alison loves everything digital including social media, online marketing, web design and blogging, just to name a few.


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