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The Design Process – Step by Step

The Design Process – Step by Step


Step 1:

  •  Your company and a Project Manager from 1st Source Web will finalize the site map, color scheme and any design elements.
  •  Your company will submit  text, company logo, any important images, etc for the homepage design.
  •  1st Source Web will create a homepage design for your approval and feedback.

Step 2:

  •  Your company to submit any homepage design changes to your assigned Project Manager.
  •  1st Source Web will make necessary changes to the homepage design until your company is satisfied with the overall look and feel.
  •  If no changes are needed on the homepage design, then your Project Manager will ask for a “Homepage Design Approval” form to be signed until any further work will be made on your project.

Step 3: 

  •  Your company to submit all text and photos available for website sections.
  •  1st Source Web will build out all pages of the website design project.

Step 4:

  •  1st Source Web will submit website progress to your company for review.
  •  Your company may submit any changes to make throughout the content of the site.
  •  1st Source Web will make all necessary changes to content throughout the site.

Step 5:

  •  Your Project Manager will request for any domain registration information if not already provided.
  •  Website changes will be submitted to your Company for final approval. Completion Agreement will be sent to your Company.

Step 6:

  •  Your website will launch to your domain and will now be “live”.
  •  Assistance with E-mail set up will be provided and scheduled, when needed.
  •  Content Management System Training will be provided and scheduled, when needed.
Alison has close to 10 years of experience working directly with clients to fine tune design details and achieve perfection. Alison loves everything digital including social media, online marketing, web design and blogging, just to name a few.

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