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Client Testimonial – DesignPlast, Inc.

Client Testimonial – DesignPlast, Inc.

design_plast_photo“Our company had a very old and uninteresting website. We had no experience or resources to improve on it. We received a call from 1st Source Web offering their abilities to assist us in upgrading our website and found their services fit our needs. It has been a good experience. They quickly understood our needs and the site design was done quickly and creatively.

1st Source Web was very helpful in answering all questions (there were many) with a good knowledge of their business. Their product was as advertised, reasonably priced, and overall exceeded our expectations.”

-Mike Fabrizius of DesignPlast, Inc.



Alison has close to 10 years of experience working directly with clients to fine tune design details and achieve perfection. Alison loves everything digital including social media, online marketing, web design and blogging, just to name a few.


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